MTC quality service for fresh and frozen food



certificazione iso 9001

certificazione BRC storage & distribution
Constant analysis and risk management in ensuring the safety and quality of stored products in accordance with Regulations CE 852/2400 – 853/2400 – 2073/2005 – 178/2008.

The quality of our service is guaranteed by compliance with HACCP and the ISO 9001:2015 Quality System Certification which was awarded in 1998.

The temperature in all areas is guaranteed, recorded and certified by the H24 operating program:
  • constant checking of the required temperatures
  • antechambers for cold chain temperature maintenance
  • alarm systems for detecting anomalies in real time
  • NTC and PT100 probe systems for detecting product core temperatures
CEE registration: IT 2658 S CE

VAT deposit facility in accordance with Article 50bis D.L. 331/93 number IT.BO.000053

Type "C" bonded warehouse with IT.BO. 000053 authorization from 23rd April 1993

Authorized AGEA deposit