WMS automated system for tracking and traceability of products


operational flexibility

We offer the advantage of dealing with a single partner who is able to support you throughout the whole supply chain, guaranteeing a level of responsibility that ensures you maintain control of all the operational phases.

All procedures and processes are handled by our WMS system for full traceability and product management so that the handling and storage of your goods and orders are always kept under tight control.

Thanks to an efficient distribution network, your orders can be delivered anywhere to all sales channels throughout Italy.

We offer the flexibility to store large or small volumes of goods due to the different dimensions of our storage areas.

We provide logistics with "value added services" supporting you with personalized and innovative services, adapting your products to the specific needs of customers or sales channels:
  • Repackaging and weighing
  • Monitored freezing and thawing activities
  • Promotional material kits
  • Repairs
  • Package and product labelling
  • Creating packages with assorted products
  • Made to measure solutions